Get the new Scandlines app. Then you will always have your digital SMILE card at hand on your smartphone

With the app, you will have an overview of your purchases and your earned SMILE points.

Get the new Scandlines app for free at Google Play or at the App Store.

Simply enter the keyword "Scandlines". Then you will find the app at the App Store or at Google Play.

The Scandlines app with the SMILE QR code contains the 19-digit card number of your plastic SMILE card.

Once you have downloaded the app and have opened the SMILE QR code, you can also use the QR code without Wi-Fi. If you want, you can also log in with your own Facebook account.

Use the app to earn points when you buy ferry tickets at the port and when buying something on board of the ferries. For this you only need to scan the QR code when you pay. You will also be able to see all member offers at a glance.

With the app you can:
- Earn SMILE points in the OnboardShop and the restaurant on board of the ferry.
- View summary of purchases.
- Get an overview of your account.
- Find our contact details.
- Book your next trip with Scandlines.
- View timetables.

The app is available in four language versions: Danish, German, Swedish and English. Any of the information is available in all four languages.

Of course it remains possible to continue to use the plastic SMILE card.

Use the plastic SMILE card to continue to earn points at the automatic check-in in the port.

- iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: Requires iOS versions 8.0 or older.
- Android: Requires Android versions 4.4 or older.

Suggestions and Comments
We would like you to have the greatest possible benefit from the Scandlines app. So, you are always welcome to contact our SMILE app team with suggestions and comments. Simply write to: app@scandlines.com  

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