Remember your membership card and get exciting benefits from SMILE partners

How to earn points

Earn points on almost everything* with us — whether you buy your tickets online, purchase duty free items on board, eat in our restaurants and cafés, or buy from our BorderShop. Just scan your SMILE card every time you buy something. You will find the card in the Scandlines app.
For online purchases, you can log in using your SMILE profile and we will automatically record your points.  

How to spend your points

Your points are worth money. You can use your points to pay for a SMILE Point ticket that can only be purchased with points and costs 25,000 points. The ticket will automatically be available to you.  

You can also use your points to pay in full or in part for purchases from Onboardshop, when you eat on board the ferry, purchase tickets online, or when you buy from the BorderShop. No points are earned when spending SMILE points on a purchase.


What your purchases are worth in points

Points earned on ticket purchases 

Economy: 1 DKK = 3 points
Standard: 1 DKK = 7 points
Flex: 1 DKK = 10 points

Points earned on shopping* 

1 DKK = 1 point

*except on tobacco, magazines/newspapers and tickets for bikes, buses and lorries. Beer and soft drinks purchased on board and in the BorderShop earn you 0.5 points.

Post-purchase registration of points

If you forget to scan your card when making the purchase, please contact customer services via email at:

You can have your points registered for up to a week after the purchase.

Remember to include a photo of the receipt and your SMILE membership info.
We will register 0.5 points per DKK spent on board the ferry and in the BorderShop. 

Points earned in connection with ticket purchases will be registered post-purchase as follows:
3 points per DKK spent for an Economy ticket
7 points per DKK spent for an Standard ticket
10 points per DKK spent for a Flex Ticket

The maximum number of requests for post-purchase registration is 3 per year.

Opening hours: 8-18 business days, 9-17 weekend

Tel .: +49 (0) 381-77 88 77 66
Company registration number: 18605600