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Remember your membership card and get exciting benefits from SMILE partners

Learn more about SMILE and SMILE here. If you do not find the answer to your questions, feel free to contact our customer service by phone on +49 (0) 381-77 88 77 66, or write to us at SMILE@scandlines.com (Open weekdays at 8-18, weekends at 9-18).

What do I get from being a SMILE member?

With the Scandlines SMILE loyalty programme, you get access to special advantages, membership offers, and points, which you may spend at a later time when purchasing online tickets, while aboard, or in the BorderShop.

Where do I sign up for SMILE?

You sign up for Smile for free at scandlines.com/smile or at a SMILE stand on board or in the BorderShop.

How do I activate my SMILE card?

You activate your card on scandlines.com/smile, where you create your SMILE profile and enter the 19 digits printed on the back of your card. You may also activate your card at a SMILE stand aboard or in the BorderShop – enter your e-mail.

What does it mean to "activate" my SMILE card?

In order for you to access your points, we need to know who you are and what your email address is.
If you do not activate your card, your points will be forfeited after 4 weeks.

What if I do not have a SMILE card?

If you do not have a card yet, you can obtain one when you check in on one of our ferries, in the manned lane or aboard the ferry. You connect the card to your account at scandlines.com/SMILE, at a SMILE stand aboard, or in the BorderShop.

Will I earn points from a purchase if did not sign in to my profile or present my card?

We do not assign SMILE points post-purchase – not for purchases of online tickets, nor for on board shopping or purchases from the BorderShop. You earn points when you log into our online booking system using your SMILE account – and when you present your physical card when making a purchase.

How do I sign in to my SMILE profile for online purchases?

To earn points on online purchases of tickets, log in with your SMILE username (your email address) and password (sent to you in the welcome email). If you forget your password, you may always order a new one where you sign in.

How much are the points worth?

You may use your points as full or partial payment, when buying tickets online, shopping aboard, or in the BorderShop. 1 point corresponds to 0.01 DKK. 100 points are equivalent to 1 DKK. Read more here

Will I earn points on purchases made with SMILE points?

No, you will not.

Do I get a special SMILE card when I upgrade from SMILE?

No. SMILE is offered as an upgrade for 12 months – and SMILE benefits are automatically assigned to your card.

What happens to my earned points when I upgrade to SMILE

When you upgrade from SMILE member to SMILE, we draw 5,000 points from your account.
When your SMILE membership expires after 12 months. You can again upgrade for 5,000 points.

Can I transfer points from a temporary card?

Enter the number of your temporary card when you are logged in, and the points will be transferred to your existing SMILE card. This must be done within 4 weeks, or the points will be forfeited.

It may take up to 24 hours before transferred points appear on your points status.
You may not transfer points linked to another person's profile.

GoGreenCard, Network Card or 10-trip card – how to earn points

When you buy one of our prepaid cards, you may register the purchase on your SMILE card and earn points. If you already bought a prepaid card and did not register the purchase on your SMILE card, you may contact Customer Service on +49 (0) 381-77 88 77 66, or write to SMILE@scandlines.com. We will assist you.

I lost my card. What should I do?

Contact Customer Service on +49 (0) 381-77 88 77 66, or write to us at SMILE@scandlines.com.

Can I have a card sent to my address?

It is no longer possible to have a card sent to your address. You may have a SMILE card from the manually serviced lane in ports or on board the ferry. You may also get a SMILE card from the BorderShop. Please note that you do not need a card to get points for online ticket purchases – you just need to be a SMILE member and sign in with your username and password.

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