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Remember your membership card and get exciting benefits from SMILE partners
Learn more about SMILE here. If you can’t find the answer to your questions, feel free to contact customer services on tel. +49 (0) 381-77 88 77 66 write to us at smile@scandlines.com (open weekdays from 8-18 and weekends from 9-18).

What are the benefits of SMILE membership?

With Scandlines’ SMILE loyalty programme, you gain access to special benefits, member offers and points that you can spend on tickets and shopping on board and in the BorderShop.

Where do I sign up for SMILE?

Sign up to SMILE at scandlines.com/smile or at a SMILE stand on board or in the BorderShop. 

To earn or spend SMILE points on board or in the BorderShop, use your SMILE card, which you can access by downloading the Scandlines app on your smartphone. 
Scandlines app på Google Play   Scandlines app i Appstore

Does the SMILE card need to be activated? 

No, you just sign up at scandlines.com/smile, fill in your details and download the SMILE app on your smartphone. Sign into SMILE in the app and you will find your digital SMILE card ready for use.

I have a physical SMILE card — how long can I use it for? 

Although the SMILE card has now gone digital, you can still use your physical SMILE card. Should you lose the card, you can download the Scandlines app instead, and you will always have your SMILE card to hand so you can use it to shop on board and in the BorderShop.

Will I earn points from a purchase if I did not sign in to my profile or present my card?

You can have your points registered for up to a week after the purchase by sending your receipt and SMILE membership information to customer services at smile@scandlines.com.
We will register 0.5 points per DKK spent on board the ferry and in the BorderShop. 
Points earned in connection with ticket purchases are registered as follows:

  • 3 points per DKK spent for an Economy ticket
  • 7 points per DKK spent for an Standard ticket
  • 10 points per DKK spent for a Flex Ticket

The maximum number of requests for refunds is 3 per year.
Contact information for customer services can be found at:

How do I sign in to my SMILE profile for online purchases?

To earn points from online ticket purchases, sign in with your SMILE username (email address) and password (sent to you in the welcome email). If you forget your password, you may always order a new one where you sign in.

How much are the points worth?

One point equals DKK 0.01 and you can pay in full or in part for tickets or purchases made on board the ferry or in the BorderShop. 
You can also save up your points to buy SMILE Point tickets for 25,000 points. This ticket can only be purchased using points.
Read more here.

Will I earn points on purchases made with SMILE points?

No, you will not.

Does the SMILE+ membership still exist?

Yes. SMILE+ members earn double points on all purchases on board the ferry and in the BorderShop. However, you will no longer earn double points on tickets when you exceed 5,000 points.

Can I transfer points from a temporary card?

Enter the number of your temporary card when you are logged in, and the points will be transferred to your existing SMILE card. This must be done within 4 weeks, or the points will be forfeited.
It may take up to 24 hours before transferred points appear on your points status.
You may not transfer points linked to another person's profile.

Opening hours: 8-18 business days, 9-17 weekend

Tel .: +49 (0) 381-77 88 77 66
Company registration number: 18605600