See what SMILE and SMILE can do for you

Your SMILE and SMILE benefits at a glance

SMILE benefits

Your SMILE card can help you get more out of travelling with us. You also get inspirational travel ideas and information on our best offers.

Next available ferry

If you miss your departure, your SMILE card will give you access to the next available ferry.*

*Only applicable for Economy EXTRA. Regular ticket terms apply. Subject to availability.

Special offers

Get special offers on board and in the BorderShop. We keep you informed about what’s on offer so you can always come home with everything you need.


Get handy tips on popular destinations and inspirational travel ideas. We collect the best advice for your convenience and enjoyment.


Earn points on everything. Use your SMILE card with every purchase and upgrade to SMILE when you have 5000 points. We give you 500 points when you first activate your card.

We draw 5.000 points from your account, when you upgrade to SMILE.

You get points with:

Every purchase on board
Every purchase in our BorderShop
Tickets purchases

There are some exceptions. Find out more here. 

Read more about points.

Extended stay

Get more time on your shopping tickets with SMILE. If you’re travelling from Denmark to Germany on a shopping ticket, you can add an hour to the departure time on your return journey. 

If you’re travelling from Germany to Denmark on a day return, you can return to Germany up to 2 hours after midnight with your SMILE card and a 1-day ticket. 

Keep in mind that a SMILE + 1-day/Shopping ticket can only be booked online when you are logged into your SMILE account. It is not possible to buy this ticket at the ports.


A free online upgrade on Economy EXTRA tickets to the VIP lane. Valid for online pre-booked tickets only. Subject to availability.

Double points

Your SMILE advantage card doubles the points on all your purchases.